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  • OCTOBER EVENTS! The ‘STR’t of Something New!

    Your NFTY-STR regional board has been hard at work preparing October NFTYx events! Register below! Havdalah – October 10th, 7pm Mixer Monday – October 12th, 8pm “Get Your Vote On,” – October 20th, 7pm Click here to get your printable October name tag! Collect this months puzzle piece here! Each month a puzzle piece will

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  • Tips and Tricks on How to “Zoom” Into the New Year!

    Written by: Alyssa Hurwitz & Meghan Mandile With Coronavirus on everyone’s radar, planning events has posed numerous challenges. Some issues we have come across include: How do we keep the feeling of community? How do we encourage people to attend? What times/days should we hold events? Having to switch events from in person to online

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