Blog  NFTY-STR 2017-2018 Candidate Intent to Run Packets

NFTY-STR 2017-2018 Candidate Intent to Run Packets

Here you will find the Intent to Run Packets for all of the candidates running for the 2017-2018 NFTY-Southern Tropical Regional Board.

We suggest that you contact your Youth Group Advisor and schedule a Youth Group meeting to review them as a Youth Group prior to Winter Regional. Good luck to all of the candidates!

Candidates for President
Scott Buksbaum
Carly Schwamm

Candidates for Programming Vice-President
Evan Watts
Madison Wood

Candidates for Social Action Vice-President
Noah Fineberg
Zoe Terner

Candidates for Religious & Cultural Vice-President
Noa Kroyter
Ally Weissman

Candidate for Communication Vice-President
Naomi Litwak

Candidate for Membership Vice-President
Houston Barenholtz