Blog  2021-2022 NFTY-STR Regional Board Candidates

2021-2022 NFTY-STR Regional Board Candidates

Meet the candidates for 2021-2022 NFTY-STR Regional Board!

Candidates are arranged by position, in alphabetical order by first name. Click on each candidate’s link to download and review their Platform Packet.

Please contact NFTY-STR President Aly Martinez ( or South Area Manager Rabbi Andrew Terkel ( with any questions.


2021-2022 NFTY-STR Regional Board Candidates



Jacob Rosenfield

Jacob Rosenfield Platform Packet

Jacob Rosenfield Meet the Candidate Paper

Jacob Rosenfield Speech





Yael Litwak

Yael Litwak Platform Packet

Yael Litwak Meet the Candidate Paper

Yael Litwak Speech





Programming Vice President:

Jordonna Levin

Jordonna Levin Platform Packet

Jordonna Levin Meet the Candidate Paper

Jordonna Levin Speech





Reese Marcus

Reese Marcus Platform Packet

Reese Marcus Meet the Candidate Paper

Reese Marcus Speech



Social Action Vice President:

Olivia Martinez

Olivia Martinez Platform Packet

Olivia Martinez Meet the Candidate Paper

Olivia Martinez Speech





Ruby Levy

Ruby Levy Platform Packet

Ruby Levy Meet the Candidate Paper

Ruby Levy Speech





Religious & Cultural Vice President:

Shiloh Markus

Shiloh Markus Platform Packet

Shiloh Markus Meet the Candidate Paper

Shiloh Markus Speech



Communications Vice President:

Emily Bell

Emily Bell Platform Packet

Emily Bell Meet the Candidate Paper

Emily Bell Speech





Skyler Augusta

Skyler Augusta Platform Packet

Skyler Augusta Meet the Candidate Paper

Skyler Augusta Speech



Membership Vice President:

Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly Platform Packet

Ryan Kelly Meet the Candidate Paper

Ryan Kelly Speech